Magic castle history

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Lynos who lived in a poor, remote village that only made a living from fishing. Lynos had several dreams, but he cherished one more. That of one day being able to see the heart of Atlantis, also called the Blue Diamond, which everyone is talking about.

One good morning, Lynos decided it was the right day. He only took what was in his little bundle and went to hide in the biggest boat which was docked at the port of his village, Touctouc. Quickly, he noticed that he was on the boat of the famous and ugly pirate James Spratt, who for years had been looking for all the treasures in the world, but especially the Atlantide treasure.


According to the pirate James, this time was the right one, because he had just unearthed a brand new map that could guide him to the great treasure.

After several days at sea, the stars and the map had been able to guide them and they seemed to be very close to their goal.

Suddenly, a huge storm appeared out of nowhere, devastating everything in its path, not sparing the pirate’s ship and its crew who collapsed under the immense waves of the ocean to end their journey in an unknown place of the sea.

When Lynos managed to open his eyes, a tall, muscular man nicknamed Triton was in front of him. Triton took Lynos to his estate commonly known as Atlantide Magic Castle. He explained to her that the castle hid the enormous coveted treasure, the Blue Diamond.

The diamond had the power to make the dreams of children who believed in it come true. He gets louder and louder every day as he hears the laughter and happiness of children around the world.

It was even more beautiful than Lynos had imagined.

He also made the acquaintance of the castle protectors, the five dream keepers, and the gentle dragon, who was always ready to ice anyone who got too close to the castle.

But since many want to seize it, including pirates and all the villains in the world, it must therefore be well guarded!

All together, they decided to unite their strength to protect the heart of Castle Atlantis because without the heart dreams would be lost.

Will you be able to make the Atlantide heart stronger?

So let yourself be carried away by the magic of the imagination and
come and meet the five guardians of dreams
of the Atlantide Magic Castle and its gentle dragon.